Advanced Technology

The scale and speed of changes in the digital world drives us to expand our horizons. New technologies are challenging established routines — how can you get ready for these changes? The One Solution offers advanced technology services to help you improve your solution and business capabilities. With recent advances in artificial intelligence and big data practices, we combine machine learning technologies and data science approaches with a wide range of solutions.

What we do

Data Engineering

Categorize, prepare, and structure data for future solution

Artificial Intelligence

Prototyping and designing AI-based solution

Internet of Things

Unlock the business value of connected devices

Emerging Technologies

Leverage emerging technologies to create future-proof solutions

Our Process

Data Engineering

  • Data Categorization
  • Technical Feasibility Study
  • Bid Data Solution Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • AI Solution Design
  • AI Rapid Prototyping
  • AI Solution Implementation

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Full-cycle IoT Development
  • IoT Acceleration
  • IoT Software Enhancement

Emerging Technologies

  • Digital Twins
  • Computer Vision
  • Blockchain

What you get

Better business decisions with structured, augmented, and visualized data

Higher operating efficiency and advanced data management automation

Engineering solutions that leverage new advanced technologies (AI, Machine Learning, Big Data , IoT, and others)

Advanced Technology Highlights

  • Innovative Technology
  • Tailored Approach
  • Continuous Improvement

Make smarter decisions by improving your predictive analytics, and by capturing and sustaining business value leveraging capabilities of advanced technologies.

Take care of your business needs with custom-made innovative technology solutions developed by leveraging the best in class engineering frameworks.

Generate new business outcomes and capabilities while cutting costs and optimizing resources with our automation practices and flawless execution.

Why The One Solution?

Eager for Innovations

By sorting out the most promising and emerging approaches from the latest trends, we are enabling innovation on a scale to help businesses stay up-to – date, gain more value and retain it.

Result-oriented Approach

We work closely with our clients to define requirements, sort through possible solutions, and find the most efficient solutions. As a result, you’re getting a solid product tailored to your needs.

Internal Development

Our internally developed AI powered concepts drive technological advancement by recognizing digital handwriting as well as pedestrian and car objects.

Expert Network

We gather proactive experts in specific domains for sharing knowledge and acquiring expertise. By recognizing their efforts, we motivate our experts to uncover new technological capabilities. Industry-proven expertise is our definition of success. Our specialists take a holistic view of technology, taking part in the development of expertise at the company level.

Proactive Security Practices

We care about your data privacy. Following international security practices and standards, we protect your information to avoid financial losses and prevent damage.

End-to-end Engineering

We orchestrate all phases of software development, from adding details to requirements, to writing and testing the code, to production configuration. The One Solution delivers value thanks to our established processes, frameworks we follow, and domain expertise. As a result, continuous delivery, the necessary level of quality and high predictability are achieved.

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