Big Data & Analytics Services

At The One Solution, we leverage advanced big data and business intelligence tools to help clients extract actionable insights from diverse data sets generated in real time and at a large scale. We enable organizations to consolidate massive volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data coming from different sources into a holistic environment that can be used for modelling and predicting new market opportunities.

Custom Data and Analytics Services

The One Solution’s experts offer a full range of big data services, from consulting and strategy definition to infrastructure maintenance and support, enabling our clients to get vital insights from previously untapped data assets. We apply a proprietary big data framework combined with popular open-source technologies like Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka as well as machine learning and deep learning algorithms to deliver a comprehensive tool set for storing, processing, and analyzing large quantities of data.

Data Strategy Consulting

Leverage our Big Data Consulting Services to evaluate your current operational performance and define a strategy roadmap that will help you fully understand your data and convert it into revenue opportunities.

Data Mining and Storage

Collect data from different sources and store it in a single place — be it a data lake or a data warehouse comprising both relational and NoSQL databases — to uncover hidden patterns and trends in large data sets.

Data Preparation

Turn raw data into high-quality inputs for thorough analysis and other data management– related tasks by removing outliers, filling in missing values, and converting data into a unified format.

BI and Data Analysis

Make better and faster decisions by accelerating your time to insights using breakthrough business intelligence tools and advanced big data analytics customized for your specific tasks.

Data Visualization

Gain 360-degree visibility into your data with interactive reports and adjustable dashboards that make analytics understandable and easily manageable for everyone at every level of your organization.

Data Monetization

Embed analytics into your products and services to reveal insights that can improve your overall business performance, strengthen customer loyalty, and help you detect new growth opportunities

Our Approach

Define the Problem

Assess your business environment and performance to identify key goals and

Collect Data

Gather data in different formats from multiple sources to address identified goals

Prepare Data

Evaluate data quality and remove incorrect records to structure data for further analysis

Analyze Data

Develop analytical algorithms to discover useful insights for making business decisions

Incorporate in Business

Integrate analytical algorithms in your production environment to unlock new opportunities

Validate the Results

Continuously assess the performance of your algorithms and make adjustments if necessary

Big Data Analytics for Enterprise Data Management

  • Smart Decision-making
  • Competitive Edge
  • Data-driven Organization

As the data landscape evolves, companies need to be more agile and responsive. Predictive analytics helps to combine large-scale data processing and practical decisionmaking. Big data predictive analysis and data science transform the way companies deal with information.

If companies don’t want to be deluged by volumes of high-velocity data, they need to quickly react to market challenges and think outside the box. Big data predictive analysis enables companies to inspect, clean up and model data in order to draw valuable, business-oriented conclusions. Visualizing big data analytics allows business leaders to quickly make sense of information and provides real-time insights to identify new opportunities.

Thoroughly gathered and explored data is critical for reacting to future challenges. Enterprises that can recognize emerging tendencies and tailor their services accordingly can meet rising demand and become the go-to sources for particular products or services.

Big data predictive analytics puts actionable insights directly into the hands of decision makers, helping companies stay ahead of the competition. The correct use of data intelligence lets companies review their internal operations and workflows to effectively expand their services and investments. Big data analytics solutions help executives reduce time and expenses on product development and marketing strategies to outperform their rivals.

Today’s data environment poses lots of challenges for a big data analytics company. With the rise of distributed and cognitive computing, companies need to manage unstructured forms of data. Putting it to good use is the key to becoming a strong data-driven organization.

By using advanced analytics techniques powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, business owners can unlock the value of big data. Data scientists can shape actionable models from existing data to predict possible scenarios and help companies determine which actions will bring the best results. Analyzing consumer preferences and distributing analysis results across departments make this data a key asset for any company.

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