DevOps Services

We help set up and maintain a stable software delivery process by implementing tools and techniques that dramatically reduce time-to-market and enable multiple teams and production units to work together as one. Our understanding of DevOps is much more than just a set of fine-tuned continuous delivery and integration processes. DevOps is seen as a holistic approach to company-wide collaboration, day-to-day planning, agile production, and the regular, easy-to-use deployment of work products

Platform-agnostic DevOps Consulting Services

The primary goal of DevOps is to bridge the gaps between previously siloed project teams and build a thriving, company wide environment for frequent, highly automated, and fully tested releases with minimal code churn. We have the expertise and experience to help companies with a missing or nascent DevOps culture to deeply weave it into all of their production processes and start reaping its benefits right away.

The One Solution covers the complete range of typical DevOps disciplines and activity types, offering both DevOps consulting services and DevOps as a service.

Continuous Feedback

Set up fast and effective channels for receiving timely feedback on recent releases. Dramatically reduce implementation time by gathering valuable insights from business users and addressing their needs and requirements in future product releases.

Continuous Integration

Employ practices that enable development teams to perform frequent, atomic commits and have them automatically verified and tested for inclusion in production structures. Enjoy faster detection of issues and less re-work.

Continuous Deployment

Keep your project ready for deployment 24/7. Automate and streamline the deployment process so that your project gets automatically released to a test or production environment after passing all automated tests

Infrastructure as Code

Give your supply power a strong boost by learning how to manage your infrastructure in a whole new way. Store configuration data in description files and easily recreate the most complex environments over and over again, whenever you need it.

Configuration Management

Ensure the stability of your software systems and environments by implementing configuration management tools and practices. Enjoy increased security, speed of resolution and immediate cost savings.

Release Management

Use DevOps to automate your most complex software releases. Plan ahead, involve multitier automated release tests, and get the job done with minimal downtime. Lock lastminute changes and perform product rollouts with ease

Continuous Monitoring

Set up in-app and infrastructure monitoring to feed vital status data to a centralized control panel. Configure flexible notifications that will let you know of any issues related to your databases, servers, VMs or other system elements.

DevSecOps: Security at DevOps Speed

Implement robust security measures at every step of the production process and automate security testing in every build. Develop and release products with safety in mind by putting them at the top of your company's priorities.

Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise

DevOps Benefits

  • Shorter Time to Market
  • Ease of Recovery
  • Faster Issue Resolution

DevOps practices dramatically reduce the time needed to deploy newly-developed features to test, staging, and production environments. With full test automation and one-click delivery, development teams no longer need to wait for QA and operations to sign up for their tasks and are able to set a steady pace of code delivery across multiple projects. For businesses, this flexibility results in increased sales, higher NPS scores and leading market positions.

Properly implemented DevOps tools and processes make it possible to restore infrastructural elements with unprecedented ease using the Infrastructure-as-Code approach. Whenever a deployment fails, it can be rolled back with zero impact on the integrity of the system and with nearly no downtime. This creates reliable system-wide protection against failed commits. Being able to restore the original state of the system in case of emergency is key for ensuring service continuity.

Adoption of the DevOps culture helps improve one of the key KPI’s of software systems support and development — mean time to fix an issue. For many large enterprises, this parameter is a prime indicator of the effectiveness of the IT team, which is why a widespread adoption of lean DevOps techniques can completely change the game for internal support teams. Supporting large enterprise systems is made easier with a properly configured DevOps toolchain.

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