Machine Learning
& AI Development Services

The One Solution applies deep technological expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence development services to help clients deliver personalization and customer convenience at scale. Our R&D capabilities and the development of artificial intelligence software for rapid prototyping and custom machine learning solutions empower customers to tap into unseen market segments, become more efficient and achieve measurable business outcomes. The One Solution strives to delight customers and augment businesses by delivering AI software solutions and machine learning development services.

Key Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Development Services at The One Solution

Machine Learning

Unlock intelligent value across various business functions with our robust machine learning solutions that enable you to efficiently achieve actionable business insights.

Deep Learning

With the right combination of software, drivers, compute, memory, network, and storage resources, we provide you with scalable deep learning solutions.

Predictive Analytics

We provide scalable and cutting-edge solutions to gain actionable insights from existing data, processes, customers and markets, resulting in better business outcomes.

Image Analytics

Our image recognition services enable users to detect an object or attribute in an image.

Video Analytics

Our video intelligence services help users to identify and tag different entities in video or motion pictures.

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP solutions include: sentiment analysis, text analysis, language detection, key phrase extraction, document categorization, and content classification.

AI Models

Accelerate your business with our wide range of AI models. We constantly make these AI models smarter through tweaking, learning and adding more data.

Deep Learning

GPU-accelerated deep learning solutions enable clients to discover new ideas and processes, as well as adapt to mercurial business.

Gathering and Training Data

Gathering unlabeled training data to make concise conclusions.

Parsing Data

Generate workable results with data processing models when solving data science tasks.

Choosing and Training Models

Training of neural network models to automate the learning of complex data representations.

Labeling Data

Labeling large amounts of data and determining their matching characteristics.

Computer Vision

Our state-of-the-art computer vision models help you read and identify targeted images from a plethora of labeled and unlabeled ones.

Manufacturing Process Control

Manufacturing industries can improve operational efficiency and quality check by integrating an image processing solution in manufacturing applications.

Smart Video Surveillance Systems

Enhance the security of home and workplace by detecting unusual activity using event detection in real-time video.

Automated Visual Inspection (AVI)

Improve production quality by controlling defects with quality inspection and grading and sorting in industries like food and beverages and manufacturing.

Content Management and Analysis

With computer vision capabilities, extract metadata and classify images to drastically improve process efficiency and ROI.

Autonomous Driving

Using computer visions’ object detection and semantic segmentation, manufacturers can provide safer and better self driving car navigation.

Medical Imaging

Help doctors to detect abnormal signs in plain and 3D images as well as videos such as CT, PET, X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI etc.

Natural Language

Our NLP solutions include: sentiment analysis, text analysis, language detection, key phrase extraction, document categorization, and content classification.

Machine Learning

Perform NLP tasks like keyword extraction, POS tagging, classification, NER, and topic modeling.

Semantic Search

Enable apps to perform deep searches by understanding the user’s intent and the context through their search queries using NLP techniques.

Speech Recognition

Identify the textual representation of the speech and provide correct results for search and analytics.

Information Extraction

Extracts structured information from semi-structured or unstructured documents like emails, social media posts, pdf documents and more.

Machine Translation

Automatically converts one language to another without changing the meaning of the input text.

Question Answering

With intelligent chatbots, get relevant answers to questions asked by humans in natural language.

Control Spamming

Using NLP algorithms and text classification, we create spam detectors to control spamming.

Emotional Meaning

Classifies emotions hidden behind a message coming from emails, apps, websites, social media and more.


Extracts appropriate keywords and summarizes long documents to help with information overload.

Question Answering

With intelligent chatbots, get relevant answers to questions asked by humans in natural language.

Cognitive Services

We provide cognitive services that include computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analysis and automation.

Face API

Find, analyze, organize & tag faces in photos based on ages, emotions, gender, smiles, etc.

Emotion API

Personalize user experiences by analyzing faces in order to detect a range of emotions.

Computer Vision API

Extract rich information from images in order to classify and process visual data.

Video Indexer API

Extract insights from the videos and enhance content discovery experience.


Develop language models & allow apps or bots to understand commands and act accordingly.

Tone Analyzer API

Learn the tone of your customers’ verbal & written communications and respond appropriately.

Text Analytics API

Detect and analyze language, sentiment, key phrases and extract insights from the text.

Speaker Recognition API

Identify & verify to authenticate specific speakers by using speech.

Tradeoff Analytics API

Helps you narrow down from the multiple options and choose the most appropriate option.

QnA Maker API

Create, train & publish a Q/A chatbot with structured documents, FAQ URLs, or other content.

Tone Analyzer API

Learn the tone of your customers’ verbal & written communications and respond appropriately.

Neural Network

Our neural network offerings enhance the information processing paradigm. Using neural networks we train AI models to present you with better accuracy.

What Do You Get From AI and ML Development Services

  • AI Development Services as the New Black across Various Industries
  • Most Common AI Development Services You Can Get
  • Prominent Business Outcomes of AI Software Solution Adoption

The development services of AI are mainstream. Most companies across industry strive to adopt open-source and commercially available AI and machine learning solutions. Still, the market demands customized AI solutions for narrow needs. The adoption of AI development services goes hand in hand with the adoption of other technologies.

The integration of custom machine learning and artificial intelligence software development with IoT and edge computing is expected to bring new opportunities for global businesses. Despite fears of AI stealing jobs today, people and machines should work together as a team to unleash the full potential of this technology. The AI increase in human engineering capabilities is expected to be key to the success of AI-integrated solutions.

When integrating machine learning and AI software solutions into business needs, you need to clearly define the deliverables you will get at each stage. Early adopters of AI development services may benefit from labeled data sets for the evaluation and training of machine learning models, advanced data-driven prediction analysis, and routine tasks automation.

Moving forward, AI adopters can integrate already designed and trained neural networks into their machine learning solutions to improve efficiency at a lower cost. Another scenario is the introduction of computer vision technology to recognize critical objects from video or other multimedia data sources. When finalizing your AI implementation, you should approach a mix of machine learning solutions and models and integrate tools to visualize your business outcomes.

When implementing AI and machine learning development services to optimize defined business functions, you may need to evaluate the benefits of AI software solutions. Some benefits will be common to all companies, such as automation of routine tasks, enhanced analytics, and increased efficiency through better processing of large data volumes.

Other business outcomes may vary across industries. Retail companies may expect an increase in sales and a reduction in the number of customers due to improved targeting of customer needs and tapping into new market segments. Automotive and urban mobility sectors will benefit from autonomous vehicles, financial services will improve security and fraud detection, and healthcare will benefit from automated medical diagnostics.

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