Software Engineering

Transforming your ideas into tangible business outcomes requires a strong technical background and expertise across industries. With solid management practices and solution engineering expertise, The One Solution can smoothly guide you through digital transformation, keeping your company agile from detailed requirements elaboration to deployment and optimization. No matter how complex your vision, we’re going to bring it alive with proven digital engineering solutions.

What we do

Solution Vision

Elaborate all missing details to start the technical implementation of your project at full speed

Solution Implementation

Engineer the solution to meet your requirements and defined design

Production Readiness

Make sure your product or solution is ready to be easily deployed to production

Our Process

Requirements Elaboration

  • Requirements Elicited
  • Requirements Baselined
  • Requirements Verified

Solution Vision

  • Visual Design
  • Technology Design
  • High-level Backlog

Solution Implementation

  • Features Elaboration
  • Algorithms Implementation
  • Quality Control

Production Readiness

  • Processes Optimization
  • Environment Configuration
  • Solution Deployment

What you get

Alignment across stakeholders with clearly defined stakeholder and solution requirements

Reduced cost of ownership and lower risks of rework

Cost savings with optimum implementation and deployment plans

Reduced cost of change due to detailed documentation

Production predictability with ready-to-use solution and deployment instructions

Software Engineering Highlights

  • Best Practices
  • Smooth Execution
  • Advanced Flow

Build complex solutions as we steer the engineering process from the outset, following the best practices in your domain and guided by years of software engineering excellence.

Make sure you get the best results with The One Solution. We will meet your quality goals and deadlines by listening to your feedback and applying a continuous delivery strategy.

Save time while we generate value. Our experts continuously optimize and enhance our engineering services to generate better business outcomes.

Why The One Solution?

Client-centered Strategy

Your business goals are our priority. You can be sure your idea will be transformed into reality precisely as you imagined and specified it. We are hyper-focused on customizing our services and solutions in accordance with your aims and business needs, diving into specifics of your particular case.

End-to-end Engineering

We orchestrate all phases of software development, from adding details to requirements, to writing and testing the code, to production configuration. The One Solution delivers value thanks to our established processes, frameworks we follow, and domain expertise. As a result, you will receive continuous delivery, the necessary level of quality and high predictability.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer various models based on levels of engagement in the development process, project management, product ownership, project needs, and desired scalability.

Scalable Implementation

Our team includes some of the best experts on the market, allowing us to accelerate the implementation of any solution. We are capable to quickly scale engineering capacity.

Centers of Excellence

We want expertise and excellence as an inseparable part of success in products and solutions. We support our specialists through knowledge sharing and motivate them to develop new competencies in technologies and processes. Within our Centers of Excellence, we make the most of our company’s expertise to help you reach your strategic objectives much faster.

International standards

The One Solution aims to provide clients with high-quality and robust solutions. Our processes are well-aligned with international standards including ISO 26262, ISO 27001:9001, GDPR, and A-SPICE. We recommend solutions that are well-aligned with industry best practices across the globe.

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